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Step by Step Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Instructions, temperature and time guides, tips, and tricks to help you apply your U-Press transfer sheets.

Easy application process

Place your garment

Place your garment on the heat press and ensure that there are no wrinkles

Press to preheat

With your press set to the correct temperature and pressure, press the garment for 5 seconds.

Place transfer sheet

Place the transfer sheet on the garment, ensuring that it is properly centered and oriented.

Press the transfer

Pressure should be Medium/Heavy.

Cotton: 305-325°F for 10-20 seconds

Polyester: 275-285°F for 5-10 seconds

Peel the transfer sheet

Our transfers can be peeled HOT or COLD. Hot peel must be done fast and with not hesitation, like ripping off a bandage. Cold peel by letting transfer cool and gently peeling. If there is any pull up, let it cool and try a different angle. 

Cover with parchment

Place parchment paper or top sheet onto the garment, fully covering the design.

Press the design

Press the design for five seconds or more at the correct temperature and pressure.


Your design is now on the garment. That sure was easy!


A long lasting vibrant print requires proper care

• Wash your garments inside out with cold water

• Avoid using bleach, fabric softeners or other strong chemicals

• Tumble dry using low heat


Tips and Tricks

How to get the most out of your U-Press DTF transfer sheets

  • If the transfer fails to adhere to the garment, feel free to re-press it. Additional re-presses will not harm the transfer.
  • If applying to a 50/50 blend, use the instructions for Polyester instead of Cotton, as the temperature is lower and will prevent scorching.
  • For better washability, increase finishing time, temperature, and pressure.
  • Avoid placing transfer near seams, collars, or pockets due to the uneven pressure created in these areas. A heat pillow can be placed under the substrate to mitigate this.
  • Always preheat polyester and nylon for 10 seconds before pressing to avoid shrinkage and promote adhesion.
  • Always place the transfer media in the center of the heat press.
  • Select a less-stretchy fabric (not Lycra or Spandex) to prevent design from cracking when stretching fabric.
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